For many people choosing the right career and workplace is a journey. It can be overwhelming when faced with the decision of which "path" to take. The legal profession requires one to work diligently and efficiently while continuously maintaining a high standard of professionalism and focus on client service. We believe that the ability to interact with clients is often equally as important as the theoretical knowledge one possesses.

If you have both a strong legal background and the professional integrity and manner we and our clients are accustomed to, ERNST & LINDER LLC would welcome receiving your application. Please send your application including a résumé and a brief cover letter to:

Interns are welcome at ERNST & LINDER LLC. We can provide an insight into the international legal practice, particularly relating to U.S. and European clients. Interns should have a good command of at least the German and/or French language, both written and spoken, and should have adequate experience in U.S. Laws. Candidates preferably have a basic understanding of German and/or French Laws. Please send your application including your résumé and a brief cover letter to:

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